Dagsboro continues Main Street electrical wiring replacement

Dagsboro is continuing to replace aging electrical wiring throughout the town, approving repairs at its Monday, Nov. 18, town council meeting for what Town Administrator Cynthia Brought called “the worst” section.

The council voted to repair the section between Bodie’s Dairy Market and the railroad tracks on Main Street, approving a $1,853 bid by Expert Wiring.

“The whole town needs to be done, but that is the worst,” Brought said, adding that the town’s Christmas lights can’t be lit in that section until the repair work is done. “That’s the same section we had that little fire at previously,” Mayor Brian Baull said.

The Christmas lights are functional in the rest of the town, Brought said.

The council on Monday also discussed the future of the banners in town. The decision was made to decide in the spring whether to keep the current banners, purchase new ones or another alternative.

The subject of the handling of the police chief's pension also came up, with council referring the issue to Town Solicitor Greg Morris. Brought said that when Police Chief Steve Flood was hired, the Town assumed his pension fell under town administration, but has since found out that since he was a police officer, he would receive a police pension, which is handled differently.

Also on Nov. 18, Town Council Assistant Secretary William Chandler asked that the Town pursue collection of town taxes from property owners.

“I just want some assurance … that we are prepared to pursue all of the tax delinquents who owe property taxes to the Town that are in arrears and who’ve accrued interest on those arrears, that we pursue through filing actions in the Superior Court,” Chandler said.

Council Member Theresa Ulrich asked how the Town would decide which ones to pursue. Baull said, “I think you go by age and by size.”

Brought said there are some accounts in which the person owing taxes can’t be located.

In other business, the council:

• Reappointed Marjorie Eckerd to the Board of Adjustment;

• Announced that the town council election will be on Dec. 7 from 1 to 5 p.m. at the Dagsboro fire hall, with incumbents Brian Baull, Patrick Miller and Theresa Ulrich, and challenger James Thompson on the ballot;

• Appointed Board of Election members Robert Flowers, Janice Kolbeck and Marjorie Eckerd; and

• Approved Christmas bonuses for Town staff, deciding to give the same bonus to all Town employees regardless of tenure.


By Kerin Magill
Staff Reporter