This holiday season, we are thankful for all of you


For nearly 16 years, the Coastal Point has been covering the news of this community and helping our small businesses market themselves with the public. And, for nearly 16 years, you have read our stories and frequented our small businesses. 

We are extremely thankful for the relationship.

Obviously, we are a little biased here, but we truly do believe that the community newspaper is still a critical element in a rich, vibrant community. Technological advances bring us world and national news nearly instantaneously, and there’s no doubt that leads us to be a more informed public. 

But that doesn’t necessarily tell you what’s happening at your local planning-and-zoning meeting, what might happen with your property taxes or what local police are considering to be important information for the public to be aware of, and how to best protect yourselves and your personal property.

At a time when many communities are seeing their local papers close up shop, we are thankful for the continued support from you. Each and every one of you.

If you don’t read, our advertisers see no value in using our paper as a vessel to spread the word. If the advertisers don’t use us to help them market themselves, then we are less able to fund the reporting and visual resources we need to keep you informed to the best of our abilities.

As a community, we live and work together here. We’re often a little ignored from the rest of the outside world, and it’s kind of the way we like it, right? This is OUR community.

We thank you for your loyal readership and advertising support, and wish you and yours a very happy holiday.