DBG closes the garden gates for 2019 season

On Nov. 30, the Delaware Botanic Gardens (DBG) ended its first public open season, closing the garden gates with an informal celebration attended by guests, board members, garden members, volunteers and other supporters.

Ray Sander, president of Delaware Botanic Gardens said, “This short three month 2019 season was the culmination of more than eight years of heroic effort by the entire network that we have built around DBG — scores of dedicated volunteers, creative business partners, generous foundations, supportive elected officials and engaged media. There is much more to come in 2020. Thank you for dreaming about this public garden, and for helping to make it a reality.” Sheryl Swed, executive director said, “We thank all our guests and volunteer garden family for a great grand opening. We want all our supporters and guests to know that we will open our 2020 season on March 17 highlighting the Folly Garden with over 30,000 bulbs. We want to thank over 1,400 guests and over 190 new members who have joined since we opened this past September.”

DBG representatives invited people to give a gift DBG membership this holiday season by going to www.delawaregardens.org/gift-a-membership.

“The DBG volunteer hospitality docents shared their enthusiasm with garden guests, and it was magic. The 2019 garden guests had some very positive feedback including: ‘The mix of meadow and woodland gardens was delightful. Workers were helpful. Loved the photos for sale at the Welcome Center. We’ll be back in the spring.’ ‘Everyone was so pleasant and helpful.’ ‘Everything was laid out beautifully. What a delight to have this wonderful garden in our own back yard. Many kudos to all who made this possible. I’m happy to be a new member.’”

Adrian Higgins, the Washington Post’s garden author, in his Sept. 23 review wrote: “I adore this expression of gardening for loads of reasons: It’s naturalistic, it’s dynamic, it gets more interesting with each passing month of the season.

“For its maker, it allows countless permutations of plant combos. For the viewer, no matter how seasoned, it provides the thrill of discovering new varieties. Creating so much from nothing gets to the essence and power of garden making. This is why we do it, to create a paradise out of thin air. Dream a space, make it real, and let it speak to us.”

The mission of the Delaware Botanic Gardens is to create an inspirational, educational, and sustainable public garden in Delaware for the benefit and enjoyment of all. The Delaware Botanic Gardens celebrates the coastal plain with a sustainable garden designed to delight and educate visitors and inspire them to preserve Delmarva’s native landscape. More information is available at www.delawaregardens.org.