Plantation Lakes asks Millsboro to OK golf carts on town roads

Community wants approvals before streets are dedicated to Town

Millsboro officials are talking to state legislators about making a charter change to allow golf carts on town roads.

The matter was discussed at the Monday, Dec. 2, Millsboro Town Council meeting because a Lennar Homes representative was there to dedicate about a dozen Plantation Lakes streets to the Town, a move that will mean local police protection and road maintenance for the expansive residential community. More roads will be dedicated in the future.

Residents often use carts while on the golf course and while traveling through Plantation Lakes, but there are certain town requirements for golf carts.

Town Manager Sheldon Hudson said he and Police Chief Brian Calloway had talked to state Rep. Rich Collins, asking him to “review the charter in such a way that golf carts would be permitted.”

“There was an issue of golf carts crossing the road and with house-to-house golf carts. Rep. Collins thinks a charter change is a more doable solution than trying to change it statewide. We’re trying to come up with a game plan, with council’s consent,” Hudson said.

Hudson said Collins hoped to pre-file a bill before the Delaware legislative session convenes in mid-January.

Town Solicitor Mary Schrider-Fox said there is model legislation at the state level that can be tailored to Millsboro.

Replying to a question from Councilman James Kells, Calloway said the Town requires carts to have lights and be insured. They are usually covered by homeowners’ insurance, he said.

Drivers must have a valid driver’s license, he said, adding that there are additional requirements, including installation and use of seatbelts, “but for this we might be able to work something out,” Calloway said.

Hudson and Calloway said they will recommend council members approve a charter change, but by the time more Plantation Lakes roads are turned over, in the spring, they would like to see a bill passed and in place.

Millsboro Mayor Michelle Truitt asked that the committee previously appointed to study the matter be recommissioned, with the same members serving, and that they write recommended language that will be printed in the charter change. Because some council members couldn’t remember if they had been appointed to the committee, Hudson said he would check to see exactly who would need to serve and inform them.

Calloway asked that the situation be expedited, because if the Town owns certain Plantation Lakes roads, and residents are driving golf carts that don’t comply with town regulations, they will be breaking the law.


By Susan Canfora
Staff Reporter