Letters to the Editor

Readers want police coverage near home


When my wife and I purchased our home two years ago in a new Ryan Homes community of 43 home sites on Ogre Drive (between Muddy Neck Road and Velta Drive) in Ocean View, we thought we were moving to “Lower, Slower, Delaware.” Wow, were we mistaken!

Living in a residential community with a 15-mph posted speed limit and with the community having no sidewalks, there are no other options to take a leisurely stroll, ride your bike, walk your dog or have your children walk home from school except to walk on the street. Unfortunately, these simple enjoyments and pleasures afforded to all other residents of Ocean View are taken with extreme caution and possible life-threatening consequences if you live in our neighborhood on Ogre Drive!

Since Ogre Drive is a completely straight and extremely narrow road approximately .5 miles long between Muddy Neck Road and Velta Drive, it has now become the local U.S. 13 Dragway & Speedway, even though the 15-mph speed limit signs are posted at both ends of Ogre Drive and Velta Drive. Cars, delivery trucks, commercial vehicles and even school buses frequently travel at speeds in excess of 45 mph up and down Ogre Drive, with no enforcement for speeding and reckless driving. This leads to very hazardous and unsafe conditions within our neighborhood for people walking on the street.

We have had numerous mailboxes destroyed by vehicles traveling at a high rate of speed, as well as myself and other neighbors having been forced off the road while walking the dogs. Once again, having no sidewalks or a safe area to walk due to severe sloping from the edge of the road to the drainage ditch, residents have no other option but to walk on the road. The safety of residents would be ensured if the 15-mph speed limit was enforced.

The Town of Ocean View does not need to spend the money to conduct a full-blown traffic study on Ogre Drive. This life-threatening situation of speeding vehicles in our neighborhood is not a seasonal issue, it’s absolutely year-round.

I have called and reported numerous speeding vehicles to the Ocean View Police Department and in addition, on two separate occasions, I addressed these safety concerns to the Ocean View Town Council during their regular meetings this year. Their response has been almost negligible for the safety and welfare of the residents of our community.

In addition, the fact that I am hearing-challenged makes my ability to pick up the traffic noise coming from behind me extremely difficult. This results in putting me and other hearing-challenged residents at a greater risk of either being hit by a car or at the very least, getting run off the road. It is not a question of if a tragic accident will happen, but when.

At the last town council meeting on Nov. 12, I was informed by the Ocean View police chief that Ogre Drive has not been turned over to the Town of Ocean View, and until that happens, no speeding enforcement (tickets, fines, etc.) can be issued. We have been living in this situation for over two years. How long does it take for our residents to be afforded the same police and safety protection as the rest of the Ocean View residents?

Dick Jennison
Ocean View


Reader opposes zoning changes


I am writing to express my objection to these applications for zoning changes to the property at the intersection of Muddy Neck and Parker House roads. I understand that these proposals are to allow the building of 44 housing units on this very small parcel. Such dense housing in this residential neighborhood would be a travesty!

I have heard that these housing units would be for low-income housing or to be primarily vacation rental properties. Either would create a serious disruption of traffic in the immediate area. This would be further complicated because the property actually exists at the intersection of Muddy Neck and Parker House Roads, which is a complicated “Y” intersection.

Additionally, the plot itself appears to me to about a 50 yards of frontage on Parker House Road and about 100 yards of frontage on Muddy Neck Road. Because of this I question how entrance and egress to and from the proposed very large development can be made safely. I also question how Planning & Zoning could approve this application, or are they simply passing the decision on to the council?

In addition to what I consider a serious problem with entering and departing the proposed development, there are many other concerns with approval of this zoning change. Some of my concerns are: neighboring property values, traffic, noise, congestion, pedestrian safety, trash, crime and possible area flooding. Additionally, if this is to be low-income housing, there is no public transportation available to support such a development!

I am unable to attend the Dec. 10 meeting to discuss this issue, but I hope that the Sussex County Council will perform its duty realistically with regard to their review of these applications and reject them accordingly.

Thomas M. Keeley III
Ocean View


Reader worries about impacts


How many people remember that miners used to carry canaries with them down into the coal mines? If the canary collapsed, the miners knew they had to run, because lethal gases were building in the mine. It was a primitive but effective warning system.

Today, scientists are reeling from a modern day “canary in the coal mine.” They recently determined that 2.9 billion adult birds have been lost in the last 50 years. That’s one in every four. Tragically, 2.5 billion of those birds lost were migratory, with habitat loss being a major factor. Due to our location, Sussex County is one of the most vital stopovers for migrating birds on the Atlantic flyway. To save the birds that remain, we must save whatever habitat remains.

Both forests and wetlands harbor rich diversities of wildlife, but we are experiencing population declines across the board. As examples, 184 of the 410 types of birds found in Delaware are now in need of conservation. For amphibians, it’s 18 out of 28, and for turtles it’s 10 out of 16. Our planet is becoming uninhabitable for more and more lifeforms, and it’s past time for us to act. We can’t afford to keep losing species that are critical in local food chains. Since existing forests and wetlands form the bedrock of our entire ecosystem and all wildlife depend on them for their continued existence, we need to begin to assign a higher value to these natural habitats.

On Jan. 9, 2020, at 6 p.m. in Georgetown, the Sussex County Planning & Zoning Commission will decide whether to approve a new development of 239 homes along a portion of Dirickson Creek in Frankford called Old Mill Landing. This development will destroy 30 acres of mature forest, and since part of the property is “waterfront,” its value for home sites could override the needs of local residents — both human and wild.

Voters need to demand that existing forests be spared when approving new developments. Sussex County development simply cannot continue at the expense of our fragile ecosystem.

Plan to attend in opposition at the Sussex County Chambers, 2 The Circle, Georgetown, and post a comment to their website: https://sussexcountyde.gov/contact-planning-zoning-commission. Your grandchildren will thank you.

Merril Levesque


Lioness Club names raffle winner


The Lord Baltimore Lioness Club takes great pleasure in announcing the winner of the 2019 Seven Plus Nights Out Raffle is a Frankford resident who has requested anonymity but is eager to start her culinary expedition to each of the following local dining establishments who participated in this event: Nick’s House of Ribs, Cedar Land & Sea Kitchen, Fins Ale House & Raw Bar, Cottage Café, Bethany Blues, Mio Fratello, Good Earth and Fox’s Pizza Den.

The winning ticket was drawn Dec. 4 at the annual Lioness Christmas gathering held at the Cottage Café. The sole winner receives all eight gift certificates! Additionally, at this event, donations were given by Lioness members and guests to fund the Adopt-a-Family for the Holidays project. Lioness Elves are busy now making sure there will be presents for Christmas morning.

The funds raised by the Seven Plus Nights Out Raffle will enrich the Lioness scholarship programs for an IRHS senior and continuing education student(s) at Beebe Nursing, as well as other community goodwill actions, including Camp Barnes Rehab, Feed My Sheep and Food for Thought.

Our grateful appreciation extends to the participating restaurants listed above and to the community for its continued support. Your generosity has been extraordinary and we truly thank you!

Since its initiation in 1990 the Lord Baltimore Lioness Club has endeavored to fulfill its motto “We Serve.” New members are always welcomed. If interested, come join us at the next Lioness membership meeting on Feb. 5, 2020, at the Ocean View Presbyterian Church Hall (off Central Ave.) at 6:30 p.m. as we start planning our April 29 spring fundraiser, the Lioness Fashion Show.

For more details and/or Lioness Club information, send a message to lblioness@outlook.com.

Karen Lucas, President
Lord Baltimore Lioness Club


Millville thankful for support, help


We want to thank all those who assisted in making the 7th Annual Millville Holiday Market on Saturday, Dec. 7, such a success! The Town was totally overjoyed by the massive crowd, seeing so many shoppers and vendors with huge smiles on their faces!

It was our goal to have a fun-filled day for the customers and provide them with a wide variety of gifts for the holiday season, to provide the vendors an opportunity to sell their wares at no cost to them, to showcase what Millville can offer through our very supportive business owners, and to raise money for the Southern Delaware Therapeutic Riding. We think we accomplished all of our goals and then some!

First and foremost, we want to thank the mayor and council of the Town of Millville for supporting this event.

A big thanks go to our local businesses, as well as local vendors who all donated baskets and items from their businesses, no questions asked, to go toward the gift basket raffle, from which all proceeds went to the Southern Delaware Therapeutic Riding: Agape Creamery (Millville Boardwalk), All About U Aveda Salon & Spa, Arena’s Restaurant, Banks Wines & Spirits, Bethany Beach Books, Blackwall Hitch—Rehoboth Beach, Browseabout Books, Comics & Gaming Bethany Beach, The Cottage Café Restaurant & Pub, Fins Ale House & Raw Bar— Bethany Beach, Giant Food in Millville, Hooked Up Ale House & Raw Bar, KCI Technologies Inc., Lord’s Landscaping, Miller’s Creek, Millville’s Pet Stop, Patti’s Hallmark Shop, Perucci’s Classic Italian Restaurant, Prickly Gal Boutique & Surf Shop, The Salted Rim, Salted Vines Vineyard & Winery, SoDel Concepts, Tidepool Toys & Games, and Yesterdays Fun Toys & Games; as well as to the vendors who donated items to the raffle: Pat Bosley, Barb Calkins, Carolina Classics 4 Girls, Marlo Cutler, Heather Groseclose, Mary Layfield, Janis Long, Nancy Maupai, Linda McCreary, Margaret Moyer, Pigment of the Imagination, Judi Raubaugh, Susan Raymond, Bobbi Reeves, Michele Ruhl, Lois Saraceni, Laura Stidham, Janet Thomas, Cathy Veale and Sandy Wood.

Thanks to these individuals and businesses, we’re pleased to announce the Town raised $578 for Southern Delaware Therapeutic Riding!

Thanks to our Millville food vendor, the Top Five BBQ food truck, for serving up some hot, delicious food. A big thanks also goes to Cpl. Scott Workman of the Delaware State Police for being here to make sure safety was covered for pedestrians crossing the street from one market to another.

Words really can’t describe how grateful the Town of Millville is for the assistance of our Millville Volunteer Group. The following individuals worked during the event: Brenda Fegelein, Maggie King, Joanne Kwasniewski, Trudi Lombardi, Kathy Morrison and Pat Moulder; we couldn’t have done it without them!

Thanks to Town Clerk Matt Amerling, who put the market together, from organizing and contacting vendors to coordinating with businesses and collecting raffle prizes, to the setup logistics and arranging the advertising, and much more; Town Finance Anna Scarola, who helped run the gift basket raffle table; Town Code & Building Official Eric Evans, who helped with opening up, support for vendors, set-up and tear-down; and Town Code & Building Administrator Robin Caporaletti, who helped set up the day before and distributed event flyers.

A special thanks to the Millville United Methodist Church and Mr. John “Rich” Spina for their continued support and helping with providing an additional location for the market.

Everyone’s assistance and cooperation helped in making this major community event run smoothly, and enhanced the experience of many, many visitors.

Finally, we are so appreciative of all of you who took the time to join us for our annual market and those who contributed to the Southern Delaware Therapeutic Riding by purchasing raffle tickets. We appreciate your ongoing support, and hope you enjoyed the 7th Annual Millville Holiday Market. We look forward to seeing you all next year in our new park community building!

Debbie Botchie, Town Manager
Town of Millville


Reader not putting support behind Trump


Let’s consider this (non-conclusive) list of facts about Trump:

• Is an unindicted co-conspirator in a 2016 presidential campaign finance crime,

• Lied about his business ties and interactions with Russians during the entire 2016 presidential campaign,

• His Inauguration Committee accepted large funds from foreign shell companies,

• Included Flynn, Manafort, Gates, Stone and Cohen, all convicted criminals, in his inner circle,

• Used veteran fundraiser money for his own campaign, forced to pay a large fine and to close his charity,

• Routinely pushes debunked conspiracy theories e.g., no Russia interference in 2016 presidential campaign, Ambassador Yavanovitch is “bad news,” Obama not a “natural citizen,” Cruz’s father was part of Kennedy assassination, Clintons’ murdered Seth Rich, massive U.S. voter fraud in 2016 elections, etc.,

• Fawns over dictators like Putin, Jung-un, Crown Prince MBS, Erdogan and Duterte,

• Lied over 13,000 times since becoming president,

• Proposed to hold the next G-7 Summit at his private property,

• Has had numerous foreign, corporate and political leaders paying his hotel fees,

• Trump’s appointees Ambassador Sondland and Chief of Staff Mulroney made contrasting statements against Trump’s “no quid pro quo” claims.

Now Republicans expect us to accept the claim that Trump was not using his office to extort Zelensky to attain a personal and political advantage in the upcoming 2020 presidential campaign; instead, Trump was just concerned with Ukraine corruption!

Give us a break! Here is a question: why did Trump’s corruption concerns not come up earlier than this year? I seem to recall that, in 2018, the then-Ukraine administration announced that they would stop cooperating in the “Manafort/Mueller” investigations. What a coincidence!

Ken Niehaus
Ocean View


Reader: citizenry needs to read comp plan


I had an opportunity to attend the Ocean View Comprehensive Land Use Plan meeting on Dec. 2 at the Town Hall. The draft plan provides a framework for development and growth for the Town through 2030.

I want to commend the Town Council and the staff of the Town for putting in the hard work over the past year to get a draft report for residents to comment on. There are a lot of good ideas that will need resident input, and it has something for everyone.

The plan notes that the population will more than double in the next 15 years. With the median age at nearly 60 and with 41 percent of the population over 65, it’s safe to say Ocean View will be predominately a retirement community in 15 years. For me, it became my retirement town when I first “discovered” it in 2002. I purchased a condo then and within two years bought a single-family home, knowing I wanted to retire here in 10 years, which I did. So, I’m one of those retirees that is changing the makeup of the town.

The Town is looking at a lot of things to enhance the quality of life of its residents and to make the town viable. Some of the ideas include the preservation of current parks for future generations; changing current zoning areas to protect lands from unwanted development; seek open space and greenways along waterways, with an eye to linking them to trails and water recreation options; building sidewalks to make shopping and recreation accessible and safe; providing amenities, such as town shuttle service to the beach, town trash pick-up, establishing a business district that is attractive and functional; and a lot more.

I would encourage every citizen to read the Comprehensive Plan and send comments to Ken Ciminio, the director of Planning, Zoning & Development or to Carol Houck, town manager. The website to read the plan is www.oceanviewde.com and the email address to send comments is admintov@oceanviewde.com. It’s our future, let’s get involved!

John Reddington
Ocean View


Vickers family grateful for support, love


This is a letter that is a bit late in writing, but things have been a bit hectic, so I am hoping better late than never is adequate.

On May 11, there was a Quarter Auction held at the Dagsboro Volunteer Fire Department to benefit my family, and there are quite a few people and businesses that need to be thanked.

First, I would like to start off with why the benefit was held. My husband, Dee, has been out of work since September of 2018, when an infection caused him to be hospitalized and inevitably, he lost one of his toes.

Since then he has been in the hospital four times, has had four surgeries, several bedside procedures, and we also learned he has Charcot Foot syndrome (weakening of the bones in the foot that can occur in people who have significant nerve damage-neuropathy. The bones are weakened enough to fracture and/or change shape), and because of all of this he is unable to continue to work as a landscaper and now is in the process of having his right foot reconstructed at Sinai Hospital in Baltimore, which is done in three phases, the first was done on Dec. 5.

Second, there have been a lot of people who have helped us get through the last 15 months. Several dear friends and family helped in many ways during this time: taking care of our daughter, who is disabled with cerebral palsy, get to and from work, making sure she got to cheer practice and competitions or just hung out with her while our son David was at school and we were at the hospital.

Some came and helped our son David make our house more accessible for a wheelchair, fixing our attic stairs and during a terrible nor’easter helped take care of the roof. Some made visits when morale was low to play a game or two of dominoes, or just to visit. Phone calls, text messages, Facebook messages, cards and many, many, many prayers.

There was a time during all of this that our son’s car was in the shop and our “Tribe” kicked into full gear, taking time out to pick him up from college, get him to work and even pick him up (and he usually works ’til 9 p.m.!) and the very special people who helped pay for the repairs to that car, a huge blessing! There are so many wonderful people in this “Tribe” I am afraid I would miss someone, so we thank you all from the bottom of our hearts!

Our dear friend Lisa Bird had the idea to start organizing a Quarter Auction to help with paying the many medical bills and monthly bills that were/are adding up since the loss of my husband’s income. She rounded up a posse of people to help her as well, spreading the word, making posters, gathering donations and vendors, setting up, and cleaning up.

We would like to recognize these wonderful people and businesses that donated to make it such a success: BJ’s Wholesale Club—Millsboro, Grandpa Mac’s, Good Earth Market, Energy Gym—Tony & Gina Hall, WawaBusy Bees Cleaning, Float-ors—Selbyville, Amy & Brian Baull, Paparazzi by Shari K., Mary Kay—Alison Walt, Signature Homes—Tasha Esham, Scentsy—Ashley Parker, ItWorks—Nicole Baker, LuLaRoe—Jenny B., Young Living—Lynn Hileman,  Suzanne Jones, Sheila Morgan, Salted Rim, LuLaRoe—Jen Bland, Mary Kay—Velicia Melson, Banks Wine & Spirits, Mary Kay—Jamie Scullen, Bay Spray—Charlie Magathan, Jake’s Way Back—Millsboro, Mio Padre—Millsboro, Porto’s—Dagsboro, Millpond Family Restaurant, Plate & Palate—Millsboro, Hooked Up Ale House, Shore Pride All Stars Cheer Gym, Avon—Corinne Keller, Green Turtle, Twilley Willys, T&S Extreme Cleaning, Community Integrated Services, Bethany Blues, Hempworks—Wayne Williams, Shirley Price, Delmarva Shorebirds, Cindy & Paul Wilson and family, Lighthouse Liquors, Mango’s Bethany Beach, Seaside Country Store, Tim Zeidler, Sew Crazy—Cathy Durham, Trimper’s Rides—Ocean City, SoDel Concepts, Millville Barber, Surf’s Up, Linda & Andy Carter and family, Phil & Melody Oneschuk and family, Pizza Palace—Millsboro, Russell & Tami Hooper, Fisher’s Popcorn—Fenwick, Steve Morgan, Bryan Townsend, Bayside Bait & Tackle, Pineapple Princess—Donna Hitch, Strong Cleaning, Old Pro Golf, Sarah Hall, Morgan McKenzie, Seaquells Consignment Shop, Brandy Yost, Patricia Stinglin, Cindy Stinger, Chick Fil A—Millsboro, Eric Tsavdar, Jennifer Marchetti, Harris Teeter, Al Casapulla’s, Carly Mayhugh, Cottage Café, Pampered Chef—Lisa Bird, Mary Kay—Morgan McKenzie, Highway 1 Restaurant, Weis Market—Millville, Giant—Millville, 21—Melissa Webster, Revital U—Mary Ellen Hocker, Kimberly Bacon, Bethany Boathouse, Hocker’s BBQ—Greg Hocker, Devon McGee, Heather Zellers, Dagsboro Volunteer Fire Department, Nate Mohler—auctioneer, Jenny Mohler —programs/posters/flyer, Roxana Volunteer Fire Department, St. George’s Church, Our Family at Hightide Church, Kenny & Andrea McCabe and family, Marc & Christine Olley and family, Scott & Brandee Hook and family, Lew & Bonnie Reeves, Dennis & Margaret Ward, Jay Futrell, Andrew & Bobbi Barends, all of our IRHS Band Booster family, band students, friends and athletes from Shore Pride Cheer Gym that helped set up, collect quarters, count quarters, clean up during and after the event, all the runners, vendors, but most of all, those that attended this function!

We are so grateful to each and every one of you! We certainly were overwhelmed with emotion at the outpouring of love and support we have received during this time. My husband continues to recover and require additional surgeries, but we are confident with God’s hand and all the supportive family and friends, we will continue to make it through!

Our wonderful son set up a GoFundMe to also help! Here is the link: https://www.gofundme.com/f/5gysxe0?utm_source=customer&utm_medium=copy_l...

Again, thank you all from the bottom of our hearts!

Michelle & Dee Vickers