A word of advice: Shop local this holiday season


Holidays have you running like you have 20 seconds to finish a 40-minute activity? Unsure how and when you are going to get all that shopping done, and you are most certainly not looking forward to dealing with mall parking or crossing your fingers and hoping your package arrives on time?

How about you shop local?

For a community our size, we are blessed to offer a plethora of small businesses that offer cool regional gifts, large brand names and simply some cool stuff that you might not find other places. Many of these businesses originally opened their doors because of the influx of visitors that come to our beach towns in the busy season, and the growing year-round population has allowed them to keep their doors open longer into the offseason than before.

That benefits the business owners who now get more than four or five months to make their income, and it benefits the consumers who now have more options available year-round.

Of course, if these businesses don’t get the support of residents in the offseason, it doesn’t benefit them at all to stay open, does it? It costs money to operate, and it takes a commitment to pay employees throughout the tougher months to keep things running.  We all benefit by supporting our local businesses, and we all benefit by having more options available to us.

Money spent locally also typically stays local. That store-owner in Clarksville will shop at other local shops and restaurants, donate to local charitable endeavors and, as we mentioned before, hire local people.

Shop local this holiday season. Shop local always.