We have a resolution for our entire community

As we exit one year and prepare to begin another, it’s a good time for all of us to assess where we are — as individuals, businesses, organizations and as a community in general.

At the Point, we are resolving to step up our game in regards to our municipal and county coverage in the paper, as well as focusing on more human-interest stories on your friends and neighbors. Please keep us in mind when you know of someone with an interesting story, and we will try to share that story with others.

We are also actively working on a new website that will allow us to work on more video projects, and allow us to reach our readers and advertisers more easily on the go. It is exciting to have all of this new technology in the world, and we are going to continue to try to stay on top of it.

One element we are hoping to truly improve on in 2020, and we are begging you for your help, is gathering and spreading information on the opioid problem in our community. We have run far too many obituaries and arrest stories on people ruining their lives with this poison, and we’re tired of seeing it pervade our communities. 

Look, we have a beautiful community, filled with inland bays, beaches, patches of rural land left and quality in our stores and restaurants that  you’d normally find in much larger areas. We have young families, retirees and a slew of small businesses that provide character to the area, and we are as giving a community as one could find.

But these drugs are literally killing us, and the police and care facilities need our help. Let’s all pull together in 2020.