Another year, another round of resolutions

Point of No Return

Well, it’s that time of the year again.

We pull down our 2019 Coastal Point calendars and swap them out for the new 2020 version, filled with stunning photos of the aesthetic beauty that surrounds us here in our little slice of Heaven. That’s right, folks, for only $5 you can make your 2020 the best it can be by...

But I digress.

Blatant self-promotion of our calendar aside , the turning of the page of a new calendar often means also turning the page on some of our own personal habits and practices. While many spend the first of a new year nursing self-inflicted wounds from the night before, many also use that clean slate to set forth on resolutions. It is a time of personal growth, or physical reduction, if a diet is on that list. Without further yapping, let’s get to my annual list of New Year’s resolutions:

• I resolve to keep off the weight I’ve lost this year, while hopefully shedding a few more pesky pounds. That first part is really significant, because I do have a tendency to yo-yo my way up and down the scale from one diet to the next. Well, from one burger to the next.

• I resolve to stop telling my daughter that monsters will eat her toes while she sleeps if she doesn’t listen to her father when he tells her to pick up her toys. Obviously, this is only a joke, folks. There’s no way I’m going to stop telling her this as long as it works.

• I resolve to stop telling jokes about threatening my daughter with monsters eating her toes for a cheap laugh. Unless you gave it a full belly laugh. Then all bets are off.

• I resolve to camp more, hit the beach more frequently and generally enjoy more time outside this year. I say this every year, and life always gets in the way. This is the year I make the conscious effort to escape life a little more frequently and enjoy LIFE.

• I resolve to stop blaming my daughter when my wife asks who spilled X, Y or Z. All blame will henceforth be cast upon the dog. I’m a good dad.

• I resolve to stop yelling at the television when my favorite sports teams are underperforming. I don’t do it all that often, as I’ve become less and less emotionally invested over the years, but, man, not much gets me going more than unforced turnovers. I mean, you are supposed to prepare for the upcoming challenge you’re facing and then you just hand it away like some moronic...

But I digress. Again.

• I resolve to read more books this year for pleasure. I read for my job. I read to my daughter. I read about historical figures and periods because I feel it’s important to understand the past and what we’ve learned. A few weeks ago, I read a good old-fashioned thriller and it was a blast. I was reminded again why I love reading so much.

• I resolve to work on my patience. I didn’t say “be more patient.” I didn’t say I would “become a patient person.” I said I’d work on it. Let’s go on to the next one. I’m losing patience with this already.

• I resolve to sharpen this paper’s focus more intently on the opioid problem that has pervaded our community. We’ve written a ton of stories on it, and spoken to countless amounts of experts on the subject, but the problem is only escalating, it seems. We’re obviously not doing enough. That falls on me, and we will do better.

• I resolve to eat more pizza this year. Everyone needs a softball resolution, right?

• I resolve to stay out of every political conversation that comes my way. You want to know why? Because I have an intense distaste for both sides of the aisle right now, and I find myself arguing the opposite point of whoever I’m speaking with because it makes me so angry that people can’t even accept that other people have differing opinions than them.

The power-brokers have gotten their way and successfully divided us into two camps, thus allowing them to do whatever they see fit because they’ve successfully labeled their detractors as insidious human beings. I’m just staying out of it and keeping my head down.

• I resolve to eat more pizza. Did I already say that? Still stands.

• I resolve to run. Not far. Not with any kind of regular frequency. I just resolve to move my feet in a rapid enough manner for as long as is necessary for it to be considered running by whoever decides such things.

• I resolve to stop writing hack columns inspired by lists or rankings or resoluti...

But I digress. Happy New Year!


By Darin J. McCann
Executive Editor